Setu Creations is a brand consulting firm. We are a team of experienced people with diverse skill sets to correctly address our customers’ business challenges in various phases of their development. Setu helps companies grow better. We apply the right combination of insights, strategy and creativity to deliver higher engagement, enjoyable experiences, smarter designs and relevant paths to profitable growth. The result is leveraging of innovative ideas leading to meaningful actions towards desired results.
What we are not - just logos, colors, fonts, packaging, campaigns.

Why the name Setu?

The literal Sanskrit meaning of the word Setu is “bridge”. We look at ourselves as a ‘bridge’ between our Customers’ current and aspirational position. We do not just give our Customers some creative pieces of work. We empower and enable them to cross this gulf by themselves.

In mythology, Lord Rama is known to have used Setu, a bridge to cross the ocean between India and Ceylon to win over Ravan, the King of Lanka. From idea (philosophy of victory of good over evil) to action (defeat of Ravan who was embodiment of evil). In physiology, acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which acts as a bridge between a nerve cell and a muscle thus leading to muscle movement. From idea (thought) to action (muscle movement).

Our Process

Needless to mention – starting point is the clients. Their industry, their customers— existing, past and prospective— and their employees where the greatest truths often lie. We ask a lot questions upfront to understand existing perceptions, to learn from customers’ industry insights, to know what to focus and what not to focus on and to uncover the latent needs.

We strive for right balance between strategic thinking, exceptional creativity and focused implementation. We direct our efforts towards seamless execution of targeted, quality communication across multiple channels. We help our clients navigate from “selling to” to “engaging with” customer approach.

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